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Seasonal Flavor: Quince Kombucha

11 Oct

Painting of quince fruit and foliage

I first discovered quince about five years ago.   It was February at the time, and I was looking through a Basque style cookbook for good Valentine’s sweet recipes.  I came across a goat cheese and quince cake, and dedicated to making it, I embarked on a city-wide treasure hunt for the elusive quince.  Unsuccessful, I ended up resorting to quince preserves that first time.  I don’t recommend trying to find fresh quince in February!  Quince ripen locally in the fall, along with apple season.  Occasionally you can find them in the spring when they are shipped from the southern hemisphere, but they don’t keep all year long like apples do.  The fruits look like furry apple-pear hybrids.  They are much firmer than either apples or pears, however, and they are a bit too tart to enjoy raw.  For the last few years, I have raided my local farmers markets for quince in September or October.  A few farm stands carry them, and it’s always the fruit that seems abandoned, as many folks don’t know what to do with it.  I buy a generous bag full and cook it into an applesauce-like consistency with a little sugar.  The sauce freezes nicely to take out at any time of year.

I just got my yearly bag of quince yesterday, and this morning as I was harvesting my latest batch of kombucha (see my master recipe here), I threw a few slices of the quince into one of my bottles, on a whim.  A few hours later I tried the result.  Wowweee!  I have to make more of this stuff!  Quince has the most lovely aroma, that has already permeated the brew.  It’s a fruity-floral kind of flavor.   Despite the tartness of the raw fruit, it’s infusion in the brew is pleasantly sweet.20131011-160844.jpg

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