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A Summer’s Kombucha Cocktail

31 May

My favorite cocktail from last summer is making a comeback in my kitchen during these recent hot days.  Once you’ve gotten the hang of making plain komucha, this is a simple blend to whip up.  No, this one’s not boozy.

The cocktail and ingredients.

Fill a glass 1/2 full with ice.

Add 1-2 oz of aloe vera gel.  Use a light hand with this ingredient unless you are a little, ahem, backed-up.  The aloe is pleasant as a textural sensation in the cocktail, and it makes the drink extra cooling.  It does have an astringent quality that you may or may not like.

Fill the rest of the glass with Kombucha or Jun (I prefer the Jun with this one.  see my Kombucha 101 post)

Top it off with a dash of berry syrup.   Add more berry if you like, to taste.  The stuff I use is Herbapol syrup, but that is somewhat exclusive to my Polish neighborhood.  I’ve also used frozen raspberry concentrate, which would actually be more health conscious.  Juice is also a possibility, but the concentrate packs a nice flavor punch.

Stir, and serve.

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