Books I refer to:

Bennett, Robin Rose.  (2014).  The Gift of Healing Herbs.  Berkeley, CA: North Atlantic Books.

Fallon, Sally. (2001). Nourishing Traditions. Washington, DC:  NewTrends Publishing, Inc.

Hoffman, David.  (1990).  Holistic Herbal.  Berwick upon Tweed, Great Britain:  Martins the Printers.

Katz, Sandor.  (2003).  Wild Fermentation.  White River Junction, VT:  Chelsea Green Publishing Company.

Prentice, Jessica.  (2006).  Full Moon Feast.  White River Junction, VT:  Chelsea Green Publishing Company.


Some great articles that I think are pertinent to fermenatation:


Resource Links.  If WordPress doesn’t let them work it may be that they think I’m trying to sell something.  Type or paste them into your browser if you have trouble.

This website makes mine seem rather redundant, because everything you need to know is probably there, including a great forum for question and answers:

If you are interested in raw milk:

For an online source of cultures:

More cultures and info about them (my tibicos comes from here):


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