Probiotics: Food for Thoughts

18 Jul

I pilfered this photo off of Facebook from the George Takei page. Not sure of his sources…!


I was happy to come by an article via Science Daily a little while ago that suggests a connection to probiotic intake and the health of our neurological connections.  The (maybe) bad news is that the UCLA study cited is funded by Danone.  Certainly this company would have a vested interest in proving a food-brain connection to promote their products, but that doesn’t mean that it’s necessarily a bad start.  I’m excited to stay tuned and see what other benefits and proof our modern-day researchers might dig up about the benefits of fermented foods.

Read the Article Here.

The UCLA study also focuses on one probiotic food, yogurt.   Anything that is fermented, however, has probiotic benefits.  Probiotic simply means that you are eating bacteria that is beneficial to your gut.  Anything made with a SCOBY (Symbiotic colony of bacteria and Yeast) is probiotic.   Anything lacto-fermented is utilizing some strain of  Lactobacillus.




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