Flavor of the day: Anisette Cardamom Jun

24 Feb

Today I bottled my latest batch of Jun.  I always do a few flavor variants.  Here’s my flavor of the day to share with you:


Anisette Cardamom Jun


1.  Brew your Jun.  For information on the basics of how to make it, consult my Kombucha 101 post.  Jun is a slightly different culture than kombucha.   It thrives on green tea and honey as opposed to black tea and sugar.   Don’t try to use honey with your kombucha mother!  You can use the following flavoring with kombucha, however.

To bottle a full batch of Jun, you’re likely to need 6-8 pint size bottles.  I mostly use repurposed Synergy brand bottes:  I like their sturdy plastic tops, and they have a wide enough opening to clean the bottle easily and to add or remove herb stuff.

2.  Add to each pint-sized bottle:

1 star anise

seeds from 3 pods of cardamom

1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract

Pour your Jun on top of the herbs (you may want to use a funnel for assistance), cap the bottles, and let them sit with the herbs at room temperature overnight.  In the morning, place your bottles in the refrigerator for consumption at any time.

If you are opposed to having pieces of anise and cardamom in your tea, you can always pour your tea from the bottle into a glass through a strainer to drink.  I enjoy keeping the herbs in the bottles, because the flavor slowly intensifies in the refrigerator over time.



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